Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I spent 2 afternoons at Luke's home.

Uncle Luke was quite free last few days and had invited me over in the afternoon when my "parents" were working. Only Beagle Thea was in but I don't like to play with her and so I kept to myself or stuck close to Luke or auntie Yumi.
Today,I was not invited over because they had 3 doggies who will keep them busy for the next few weeks.
A few days ago, I had diarrhoea and I suspect it must be the new can food that my 'parents' fed me with. Oh yes it was Sunday I had that diarrhoea.However,on Monday and Tuesday when I had all my meals in Luke's home,I didn't have diarrhoea at all.
Hey buddies be careful with what you eat. China dog foods? No way man!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Belle out for a morning stroll.

At last aunty Yumi and uncle Luke is quite free from their busy schedule and had invited me over to their house this morning. I shall be here for the whole day until my 'parents' come back from work.Wow..I love it here.Who wouldn't with all the yummy snacks and nice company.

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